OSERTS towards Off-the-Shelf Embedded Real-Time Software
Written by Ricardo Sanz   
Wednesday, 05 July 2006
OSERTS is a workshop organized in the scope of the 9th International Conference on Software Reuse.


A general trend in real-time and embedded (RTE) domain is towards complexity. Large, highly integrated, and functionally extensive systems are developed, with an invariant need for costs and time-to-market mitigation. This tendency has set a need for overhauling development methods in the RTE area. Re-using software in the form of COTS components could be an answer to this concern, as it has been in other, less stringent, application contexts. For practical purposes, COTS are cheaper and safer. However, several major obstacles prevent COTS software components usage from spreading in RTE systems development. For instance, the poorness of components characterization which renders components classification and selection most difficult, and the absence of COTS usage support tools and methodological guidelines specialized for real-time and embedded systems.

Have a look at the presentations at the workshop.

The OSERTS (towards Off-the-Shelf Embedded Real-Time Software) workshop aims at being a forum for researchers and practitioners with varying backgrounds to discuss new ideas concerning COTS-based development of real-time embedded systems. More precisely, topics of interest include development approaches that favour development artefacts reuse (e.g component-based or model-based approaches), the focus being either on methodological aspects (e.g. development process organizational issues), or on tooling aspects (development support tools, runtime infrastructures,). OSERTS will welcome industrial contributions, like case studies or experience reports.


In short, OSERTS aims at :

  • Making a state of practice of COTS software usage in the embedded domain, notably through industrial experiences feedback,
  • Discussing technical and methodological solutions that could favour the breakthrough of software COTS in embedded systems development,
  • Confronting COTS-based design to other development techniques w.r.t. development costs & time-to-market mitigation.
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