Robot Technology Components RFP Joint Revised Submission
Written by Ricardo Sanz   
Monday, 17 July 2006

Image The OMG document mars/06-06-11 (Robot Technology Components RFP Joint Revised Submission) is a response to the OMG Robotics Technology Components RFI.

The PDF file can be downloaded from the OMG website using this link.

Excerpt from the document:

The sophistication of robotic and other intelligent systems has increased in recent years, allowing such systems to be applied to an ever-increasing range of problems. Such systems are no longer constrained to the factory floor, but are now used in a variety of commercial and non-commercial applications. They have even begun to enter our homes. The technologies used in these applications, which can be applied not only to standalone robots but also to ubiquitous computing and other more intelligent electrical devices, we call “Robotic Technology” (RT).

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