The spanish Ministry of Education has awarded us a project titled Conscious Cognitive Control. This project is going to elaborate on the topic of adding self-reflective capabilities to complex, real-world controllers for technical systems.







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Saturday, 12 June 2004

The SOUL Cognitive Architecture is a cognitive architecture under development at the Autonomous Systems Laboratory.

According to Wikipedia a cognitive architecture is a "blueprint for intelligent agents.

A cognitive architecture proposes (artificial) computational processes that act like certain cognitive systems, most often, like a person, or acts intelligent under some definition.

Cognitive architectures may be considered a subset of general agent architectures. The term 'architecture' implies an approach that attempts to model not only behavior, but also structural properties of the modelled system. These need not be physical properties: they can be properties of virtual machines implemented in physical machines (e.g. brains or computers)."

Note that in most cases, the term cognitive is taken to mean thinking like a human. In SOUL, however, while very interested in human thinking, we are more interested in thinking itself, i.e. the very ground of intelligence; for us cognition means, basically, governing processes based on knowledge.

While this may sound as moving the lack of precision about cognition into the lack of precision that surrounds knowledge, this is not the case.

Please stay tuned. SOUL is going to provide answers to age-old problems.

The SOUL project is a long-term project that is presently funded by the European Comission (through grant IST ICEA) and the Spanish Mininstry of Education and Science (through grant TPI C3).

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