The spanish Ministry of Education has awarded us a project titled Conscious Cognitive Control. This project is going to elaborate on the topic of adding self-reflective capabilities to complex, real-world controllers for technical systems.







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Summary of Research Lines
LINE 0. Support Activities §:
All activities supporting the rest of the lines such as writing coordination procedures, planning, setting up and maintaining web pages, etc.
LINE I. Physical Infrastructure. Core Layer 1 p.§:
This line covers software and hardware aspects. As to hardware, it consists on setting up the robotic infrastructure and additional equipment, such as cameras, bumpers, on-board computers, etc.

Regarding software, the line pretends in to create, in the first place, an interface of low-level functions for controlling speed, position, angle and in general, motion of the robot, with two requirements (a) control theory-grounded drivers, and (b) transparency of implementational aspects such as communications. This set of sw functions constitute the Layer 0, adjusted and particularized for the robot.

Another interface formed by functions of higher level of abstraction will be built, which will be called Layer 1. It will be formed by general cognitive functions; among them will be included emotions and homeostasis.

The purpose of this line is to extract functional principles from natural systems, generalize them and formalize them in algorithms. Then, they will be implemented for the robot by using the interface provided by Layer 0 and eventually, intermediate interfaces. The resulting Layer 0-Layer 1 system will be used to investigate performance of complex artificial systems: autonomy, intelligence, adaptivity, etc., and to develop metrics and systematic design rules.

LINE II. Cross-Domain Infrastructure. Extended Layer 1 p.§:
The work in this line will focus on two points: (a) identification and investigation of eventual gaps left in Line I in order to complete a comprehensive framework of cognitive functions (b) apply Layer 1 functions to domains apart from robotics: process plants, internet and biological systems. The theory resulting from Line I and Line II will lead to a Layer Model Specification (LMS) which will propose a categorization of cognitive functions in layers.

The activity of Line II will include building web and process plant demonstrators, implementing cognitive functions.

LINE III. Cognitive Engineering. Layer 2 p.§:
Lines I and II have the objective of identifying cognitive functions for systems. Line III will be focused on investigating their potentiality in control of artificial systems.

This line includes theoretical developments in perception, cognition, action of general systems, ontologies, experimentation with existing cognitive architectures (ie: biological) and design of new ones for enhanced features.

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