The spanish Ministry of Education has awarded us a project titled Conscious Cognitive Control. This project is going to elaborate on the topic of adding self-reflective capabilities to complex, real-world controllers for technical systems.







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LINE II. Cross-Domain Infrastructure. Extended Layer 1

2.4.2 Analysis of other domains. Identification of Layers 0

This task is concerned with establishing the specific variables and parameters defining continuous process, web and biological domains. The collection of entities identified will constitute a specification of the corresponding Layer 0 for these domains.

2.4.3 Construction of a Layer Model Specification (LMS)

This task will be devoted to clearly defining criteria and/or procedures for classifying concepts and functions into a specific layer.

It is envisaged that the definition of Layer 1 resulting from Line I, centered in the robotic domain, will yield a taxonomy of cognitive functions which will be of application to the major part of systems, not only robotic, but cross-domain. However, it may occur that new cognitive functions, not present in the original Layer 1 specification, could appear when exploring the other domains considered. This task will consist on integrating these eventual new entities coherently with the existing Layer 1.

2.4.4 Programming of extended Layer 1

A complete and appropriate cognitive framework will result from II.2. Analogously to I.3.3., this task will consist on implementing the definitive Layer 1 (constructing the transition between Layers 1 and 0).

2.4.5 Constructing Virtual Physical Platforms

Analogously to the robotic simulator, building a virtual continuous process plant, an informational simulator, and a virtual rat, namely ICEAsim.

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