The spanish Ministry of Education has awarded us a project titled Conscious Cognitive Control. This project is going to elaborate on the topic of adding self-reflective capabilities to complex, real-world controllers for technical systems.







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LINE III: Cognitive Engineering

2.5.2 Writing the SOUL Principles (Commandments)

The objective is to build a restricted set of desing rules and principles developing two main points: (1) set of key aspects upon which critical points of cognitive systems depend (adaptivity, autonomy, intelligence...) (2) rules to restrict them as little as possible when design constraints must be adopted during implementation and theorization.

2.5.3 Construction of a Theory of Cognition

Identification of main concepts and associations explaining the phenomenon of cognition in general systems.

2.5.4 Construction of a Theory of Perception

Identification of main concepts and associations explaining the phenomenon of perception in general systems.

2.5.5 Construction of a Theory of Action

Identification of main concepts and associations explaining the phenomenon of efferent processes in general systems.

2.5.6 Construction of an Ontology of Cognitive Systems

Construction of an ontology of cognitive systems, distilling the developments of lines III.2, III.3 and III. 4, and also including views from humanistic and psychological disciplines.

2.5.7 Experimenting with existing cognitive designs

Once Layer 1 interfaces and implementations are available and operational, it will be possible to implement our own distillation of representative existing cognitive architectures. These implementations would represent an excellent basis for investigating differences in behaviour and performances under a common, comparable infrastructure. It will also be an excellent training material.

2.5.8 Building implementations for ASLab designs

The results of our own investigations in cognitive systems and our own cognitive designs can be implemented and tested using our physical and virtual platforms. These developments include our participation in the ICEA project, and modelling of the basal ganglia, etc.

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