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Monday, 09 August 2004

Source: USA Today, April 14, 2006

Talon with M-240 machine gun
Although the USA militars initially focused just on unmanned aircraft, e.g. the Predator, now new ground- and sea-based robots are being developed and tested not only for demining and convoy driving but also to carry ground-level weapons. As the new Talon robot carrying a M-240 machine gun (they claim just to be used remotely!).

Much larger and more ambitious robot weapons are in testing, including a tank-like, 1,600-pound vehicle called the Gladiator, which can fire a variety of guns, or can even "shout" instructions, such as those to calm a mob or request surrendering.

Scott Myers, president of General Dynamics Robotic Systems claims that a robot can find a human with its sensors and kill the person, but "we don't want to shoot our own people or children".

Obviously they plan to kill other's.

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