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Sunday, 07 May 2006
This is the third edition of Martin Fowler's simple and readable UML Distilled. This book provides an updated summary of the recent Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.0 specification.


UML Distilled Third Edition

A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modelling Language

Martin Fowler

175 pages
ISBN 0-321-19368-7

Image The major value of UML Distilled is its short, concise presentation of the essentials of UML that I consider worth reading both for the newcomer and the experienced developer (refreshing our knowledge of what's available is quite important). The book describes all the major UML diagram types, what they're for and the basic notation involved creating them.

This is a very readable book on UML and having a practical focus, tries to concentrate and give advice on how to make effective use of UML rather than the abstruse features and object modelling theory. There is easily enough detail to allow someone new to UML to effictively read, modify and create UML diagrams as well as some helpful hints and reminders on style for the more experienced.

The book dedicates one chapter to each UML 2 diagram type (some of them only two pages long) describing what's available and some basic rationale on its use.

Value for time: 9

Main value: Core Reference

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