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Sunday, 07 May 2006
This is the final report of the ESF funded european project COSY. A collection of tutorials and research articles from the heterogeneous field of control of complex systems. The book is organised in four tracks: learning control, fault-tolerant control, non-linear control and control system integration.


Control of Complex Systems

Karl Astrom, Pedro Albertos, Mogens Blanke, Alberto Isidori, Walter Schaufelberger and Ricardo Sanz

494 pages
ISBN 1852333243

Image The world of artificial systems is reaching hitherto undreamed-of levels of complexity. Surface traffic, electricity distribution, mobile communications, etc., demonstrate that problems are arising that are beyond classical scientific or engineering knowledge. In order that our ability to control such systems should not be hindered by lack of comprehension, there is an on-going effort to understand them.This book is an example of the types of approach that European researchers are using to tackle problems derived from systems' complexity. It has grown out of activities in the Control of Complex Systems (COSY) research program the goals of which are to promote multi-disciplinary activity leading to a deeper understanding and further development of control technologies for complex systems and if possible, to develop the theory underlying such systems. The material in this book represents a selection of the results of the COSY program and is organised as a collection of essays of varying nature: surveys of essential areas, discussion of specific problems, case studies, and benchmark problems.Topics covered include:Modelling complex physical systems;Passivity-based control of non-linea Complex systems appear in many different fields and for this reason this book should be of interest to scientists, researchers and industrial engineers with a broad spectrum of experience.

Value for time: 8

Main value: Perspective

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