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Monday, 12 February 2007

Many may think that the issue at stake is God vs. Science but it is not. The real issue is just religion vs. us.

Because religion and related derivatives as new age "science", god, morals or intelligent design are opossed to the very nature of humans: i.e. evidence-based thinking systems.

Just consider the enormous possibilities that real science opens to us with its analytic and predictive capabilities. There's no real need of gods but for those that are unable to understand the vast ammount of knowledge that science is constinuosly producing.

It is not necessary to understand Einstein's Field Equations to be aware of the impact that general relativity may play in our understanding of the universe and -may be- in our re-shaping of it, or the many possibilities that stem cell research may open to health and well living.

The rationale of getting comfort from religion is the same rationale of getting comfort from alcohol. Beware, it seems to work but kills your neurons.


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