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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My students, as most sane people do, enjoy reading comics that make jokes from their very own activity. Laughing at oneself helps keep the feet on the ground.

A very interesting place is PhDComics where PhD students can see themselves as-of-the-real-thing-is.

A recent comic analyses the very role of the professor: to profess.

I have been pondering around for some time, the nature of knowledge and in particular the nature of scientific knowledge. In the desire for a scientific approach to our dwelling in the world, I usually criticise religious positions as lacking any hint of reasonableness. Some of my believing colleagues tried to make a remark on this position: science is another form of religion.

Obviously it is not for any sensible definition or "religion" and "science"; but in any case, a question remains: is it necessary to have a minimal dose of unjustified belief to build a mind upon?

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