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Tuesday, 24 February 2009
We -my university, my school, my department- are now immersed in the storm of the redefinition of grades, titles and other heterogeneous papers concerning education in the European Education Bologna's landscape.

In a sense, waves of change are opportunities to clean, redefine and make target in new educational objectives, getting rid of bad habits and arthritic practices from the past. However, in the Spanish context, this is happening without any renovation on the human teams that are going to perform this change.

The question simply is:

Who can expect that content change will happen in the hands of professors that have been teaching the same post-WWII doctrine during the last 30 years ?

Who can really expect that the focus on new educational practices -e.g. project-based leaning- can be driven by professors that stopped doing any real work 20 years ago ?

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