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Monday, 05 December 2011
This is a collection of introductory chapters to the idea of radical constructivism; emerging from the domain of postmodern pedagogy it pretends a universal epistemological theory and associated teaching practice: don't teach, make learning happen.


Radical Constructivism

A Way of Knowing and Learning

Ernst von Glasersfeld

213 pages
ISBN 0750705728


Radical constructivism is an epistemological theory offering an apparently new and radical alternative approach to questions about mind and reality in the context of human learning. It focus on the role that the thinker has in construing-up concepts. Glasersfeld offers a diverse and disperse theoretical account of radical constructivism -it is, basically a collection of re-edited essays that do not offer a uniform and coherent analysis of its concepts. Originally raised in the context of mathematics education it pretends to be a universal approach to human understanding of reality.

Value for time: 7

Main value: Awareness of the core idea

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