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Saturday, 11 May 2013
We have a new book chapter on ontologies for autonomous systems.

The chapter Ontology Engineering for the Autonomous Systems Domain, by Julita Bermejo–Alonso, Ricardo Sanz, Manuel Rodríguez and Carlos Hernández has been published in the book Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management.

Ontologies provide a common conceptualisation that can be shared by all stakeholders in an engineering development process. They provide a good means to analyse the domain, allowing to separate descriptive from problem–solving knowledge. Our research programme on autonomous systems considered an ontology as the adequate mechanism to conceptualise the autonomous systems domain, and the software engineering techniques applied to such systems. This paper describes the ontological engineering process of such an ontology: OASys (Ontology for Autonomous Systems). Its development considered different stages: the specification of the requirements to be fulfilled by the ontology; the extraction of the actual features needed to implement the desired requirements; the conceptualisation phase with the design decisions to integrate the different domains, theories and techniques addressed by the ontological elements; and finally, the implementation of the ontology, which integrates both ontology engineering and software engineering approaches by using UML as the implementation language.

The book is the selected and enhanced post-conference proceedings of the Third International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering, and Knowledge Management, IC3K 2011, held in Paris, France, in October 2011. This book includes revised and extended versions of a strict selection of the best papers presented at the conference. The papers are organized in topical sections on knowledge discovery and information retrieval, knowledge engineering and ontology development, and on knowledge management and information sharing.

Bermejo-Alonso, J., Sanz, R., Rodríguez, M., and Hernaández, C. (2013). Ontology engineering for the autonomous systems domain. In Fred, A., Dietz, J. G., Liu, K., and Filipe, J., editors, Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, volume 348 of Communications in Computer and Information Science, pages 263–277. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

More info at the publisher site.

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