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Saturday, 17 June 2006

IEC 61850 Specific Communication Service Mapping - Mapping to CORBA

Ricardo Sanz

The main content of this document is a mapping from the draft standard IEC 61850 abstract specification of communication service to a concrete communication infrastructure based on CORBA specifications.

This mapping was submitted to the IEC Technical Committee in charge of the specification of other mappings (TC57) accompanied by the General Model Definition proposed in the IST DOTS project.

This mapping of IEC 61850 ACSI to CORBA defines how the concepts, objects and services of ACSI can be implemented using CORBA distributed objects technology, allowing interoperability among substation functions and devices of different manufacturers.

This document can serve as a basic guideline to provide a real implementation of IEC 61850 models over real platforms, using CORBA technology as support for distribution. The Abstract Communication Service Interface (ACSI) specified by IEC 61850 needs to be mapped to a real (not abstract) Specific Communication Service to be usable by application developers. This document provides an ACSI mapping to OMG's CORBA. This means mainly that the communication services used to make a distributed SAS application willl be those provided by CORBA.

It should be noted however that CORBA is not a communication service but a middleware service, providing other types of functionality and methodology that go beyond those of pure communication services (for example automatic generation of skeletons and proxies, interface repositories, server object management, etc).

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